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Blockchain Resistance Is Ironic And Futile - Here is Why


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Blockchain Resistance Is Ironic Here is why. 


As Blockchain technology entered our lives the world resisted strongly, and its a fascinating phenomenon to ponder.  The things that make blockchain technology great are numerous. Blockchain could be applied to how we evolve - as a species, and theoretically could help in optimizing the very process of evolution itself.  

This could be extremely beneficial- stop rolling your eyes. 

After all isn’t it a wee bit tedious to wait thousands of years for our species to create new features that help us survive more efficiently? If we could shrink the waiting time between evolutionary genetic upgrades… we could improve and become better humans, more rapidly.  


This is far fetched, you might say.  Sure- it is. It’s comically bold to say that blockchain could improve our process of evolution so much that we could grow our future features sooner. Laugh if you want, but while you laugh, let’s wander through the reasoning of this philosophical “maybe”. 


Human kind is a funny species. 

Hunan kind is a quirky animal. We get stuck in patterns. We get transfixed on the results we have already experienced and we prepare for our future as if the things that happened before will repeat. 


We are so transfixed on the assumption that history will repeat itself that we develop instincts based on the lessons learned from our ancestors.  Lessons learned this way are extremely important sometimes. The reflex to recoil from a flame is a great example of a lesson learned by assuming the result will burn our skin, just like last time. This is a protection we automatically have.  Our hand feels heat too strong and we recoil fast, to avoid the pain we previously felt when we touched fire. 


Safety and security may be the motivator behind our tendency as a species to avoid new things. Changes in our routines are met with resistance at all levels of life from the intricacies of our molecular makeup, to the limit of our atmosphere on Earth. 


Not all resistance is productive or useful though.  Surely our reaction to a flame will prevent great pain. There are times when the instinct to avoid change is less about safety and more about habits. 


Most often we experience the resistance based on habits when a child stomps his feet in protest to his toy being taken away or when coworkers mutter in disapproval of new office policies, during a work meeting.

It is natural that change evokes some discomfort. We are genetically programmed this way to keep our species thriving. How would humanity have risen to the top of the food chain if we accepted things as they were before our ancestors decided it was time to use two feet instead of four to stand upright? 


This great change - from traveling on all fours to walking on two feet allowed humans to multitask like never before. With hands as tools we could really start evolving faster. 

What if mankind stopped there before ever inventing the wheel?
Where would we be? 


To be continued. . . 

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I would give up wheels before I gave up blockchain.


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