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A couple of ideas for BC.game - Buddybetting & Dual Coin Bets


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Both these ideas are something I literally just came up with, and thought they were interesting enough to share. I'm sure they both could be improved upon.


Dual Coin Bet

Allowing people to bet two different coins in one game.


Bob is more or less exclusively using TRX when he's playing at BC.game. However, he does get BCD from time to time - either from rain, leveling his VIP level or by unlocking them. For whatever reason, Bob just doesn't want to switch and play with BCD, and he doesn't want to exchange them for TRX either (don't ask me why Bob is being a d!ck, that's just how Bob is!).

Anyway, let people bet more than 1 coin at the same time!

I have no idea if it can be implemented for the 3rd party slots, but it shouldn't be a problem for the in-house games.

As an example, I could bet 0.01 LTC and 0.00000050 BTC at the same time when playing HiLo. When losing, you of course lose both coins and when winning you win the x multiplier of the win for both coins. (so if I win 5x then my total win would be 0.05 LTC and 0.00000250 BTC).

I often find myself having a little of this and a little of that in my BC.game wallet. Many times it's not enough to actually using it for playing, but it could provide a small boost alongside the coin I'm actually playing with.



Buddybetting allows players to place bets in other peoples games (probably need some limitation here, like that maybe 5 people at most can bet on the same players games. And probably a way to allow others to bet on my games).

You could say this is an evolution of the auto-roll function that all(?) in-house games has. You wish to auto-roll, but with a human touch (i.e, someone who changes seed from time to time, or that pass a few turns on crash if they have a feeling a bad streak will come up).

So Bobbylina (diversity is important!) is playing crash. She changes bet from time to time and play with different coins and what not. Maybe I have seen that she seems to be pretty lucky in her games, or maybe we're just good friends (or something). Either way, Bobbylina has turned on the options to let others place bets in the games she is playing. When I click on her name a window, very simmilar to the autoroll options pop up. Here I can decide how much I wish to bet, if I only wish my bets to be valid at the game she is playing right now (or if the bet should follow if she changes to play Limbo for example), I'll also put in the maximum amount I am prepared to lose (this is mandatory to fill in so people don't accidently lose everything - or it could be like a special type of wallet where you have to make an active deposit on your limits), and maybe some other useful options.

One extra option could be that Every time I win on Bobbylina's game she will get 5% of my profit (or 1% or 10%, I don't know?). If you are good (have good luck in gaming) others would want to bet on your games as well, and you will also make a bit of extra cash. 










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