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I signed up from an influencer...


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An influencer who is using casino money is always winning big. His name is scuffed_pc and he's given free money which is lucky money. (He doesn't use the site because he doesn't trust it lol, just sponsored money)

Anyways, I gambled under his code for a give away that was a hoax. He claimed the money would come from BC Game but when I reached out to BC Game for support and they said they do not do such giveaways (go figure).

So I contacted him about it and he blocked/banned me from contacting him. I simply wanted my win and not deal with the stress of being forced to gamble, he was giving me money directly to my BC Game wallet as a deposit rather than to my other wallets where I wouldn't gamble it.

I don't think this person is a brand friendly person.


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28 minutes ago, HNNG said:

You're mistaking us for people who care

This whole site is a sham? They sponsor a streamer with money that literally cannot lose, he cashed out 5x profit every day and then tells people to do the same. He's only ever did 2 raw deposits before and both times he lost everything.

Good pick for a sponsorship.

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